Development Services

Web development services include the development of a website and can vary from developing a simple static page to the most complex online application, from personal blogs to large content-managed websites and e-commerce stores. Trends and technology in web development are constantly changing and in order for your business to stay in the competition, your website needs to utilise them to their full potential. We at A-Cubed are committed to using the latest technology and trends for any website no matter how big or small. Our web development services include:
  • A wide range of static and dynamic websites including Blog, Portals, Corporate websites, Brochure websites and e-Commerce websites built from scratch
  • Bespoke content management system as well as open source solutions
  • Bespoke e-commerce solutions as well as open source solutions
  • SEO-friendly web development
  • Browser compliant web development
  • Back-office automation and integration with existing systems
  • Payment gateway (merchant account) integration with existing website
  • Refurbishment of existing websites
  • Bug fixing for existing websites
Content Management Solutions Content Management System (CMS) for a website is an application to create, manage, store and deploy content (text, graphics, photos, audios, videos, and code) on web pages. Continuous updates to a website lies at the root of its success. Having the most creative website can be a complete waste if it's not kept up-to-date with fresh content and new features. We understand that most clients would like to be able to do this without the intervention of programmers, especially those who do not have in-house web programmers. To enable our clients maintain their website content on a regular basis we recommend having a CMS (bespoke or an open source CMS) for most of the websites. While assessing the requirements we will provide help and support to you in choosing the right CMS to suit your budget and requirements. Having a CMS, bespoke or open source, can provide endless benefits such as:
  • Easy and seamless update of content without the need for a programmer
  • Manage title, and meta tags for the web pages
  • Addition, editing and deletion of web pages
  • Create online forms
  • Add, edit and delete data in a database
  • Manage users' registering to the website
  • Upload external objects, e.g. images, documents, videos and audios

E-Commerce Solutions E-commerce websites are the latest trend in online business. As e-commerce has grown in popularity and demand, the expectations from existing and potential customers have also increased. This has led to a whole new set of challenges in ensuring a smooth progress for the business. Hence it's quite important for any retail business to have an online presence as these days people purchase almost everything online to save their valuable time. At A-Cubed we provide the service of designing and developing e-commerce websites with latest technology and at affordable price. We not only help you choose the right e-commerce solution for you, but also design and develop the website, and provide technical assistance and support where needed.