About Our Company

Born on a cold and damp February morning in 2005 from a small and spare bedroom-used-as-an-office in Ireland, we operated in the Irish market as "acubesoftware.com" for over 5 years before forming the present limited company.

Acubesoftware.com was born out of a desire of making technology available, affordable and applicable. We called it an a3 vision and our present vision also has it as an important element.

The name has slightly changed (A-Cubed Software Limited) however the basic ethos of the company hasn't, nor has the customer-focussed business principles that brought the like-minded individuals together to form this venture. In essence, A-Cubed Software is a web services company that provides effective solutions in Web Design and Development, Project Management Consultancy, QA and Testing, Social Media and Support & Maintenance. We work with a wide range of valuable clients across the globe and having an off-shore team of experienced and dedicated IT professionals help us provide them with efficient, profitable and cost effective solutions.